Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    What happened to all the Live at the Astoria/Santa Barabara/<insert concert name here> tracks?
A.    They're still on the site, just represented differently. The deluge of live gigs released via meant that adding these new track versions in the standard manner would reduce the site's utility. Instead, I collected them in an excel spreadsheet, saved here as a pdf. A zipped folder with scans of the releases listed in the first row is available in the same directory. In addition to the gigs released via, and as alluded to by the question above, I moved certain track versions off the main page and onto the spreadsheet. The move-eligibility criteria was that a track belonged to a collection of other officially released tracks, which, together, represent a complete, or nearly complete, Radiohead performance. Note that the 'source' slides associated with these moved tracks still exist on the main page, but nothing links to them (if you really want to, and you're on a mobile device, you can access these slides by swiping). While the new organization adds an extra step to verify all versions of a particular track, it's preferable to filling up many of the 'track' slides with same-sourced versions. New additions to the site will be evaluated against the same criteria.

Q.    Why is the track I’m looking for missing?
A.    There are several possible reasons for this, depending on the characteristics of the track in question:
        1.      Remixes are generally limited to those that appear as b-sides on singles.
        2.      Only tracks released in the following formats are considered: cd, cd-rom, dvd, cassette, vinyl, web. Tracks exclusive to VHS are not included.
        3.      Only tracks released under the name Radiohead are included. Therefore, this database doesn’t include tracks from the On A Friday cassettes.
        4.      In the event of apparent track omissions when compared with the tracklisting as seen in the image of the associated release, the explanation is likely either that the omitted tracks are album versions or are the work of other artists. Special cases of the former are certain “performances” from Top Of The Pops, as released on the box set album reissues.
        5.      Only non-album versions are listed. The expectation is that most users of this site already own every Radiohead album and therefore would derive little benefit from the inclusion of album versions.

Q.  None of the above explanations apply to the track/version I have in mind. What can I do?
A.  If you know of a non-album version that you believe should be included on the site, please submit the relevant information using the form at the bottom of the main page. If I agree that the track belongs on the site and you don’t already own a copy of the release from which it is sourced, as a gesture of appreciation I’ll mail you a copy, provided I can find one. 

Q.  Why is only a single format listed for releases released in multiple formats?
A.  This site isn’t intended to be a discography. Instead, its focus is to document every officially released version of every Radiohead track and, for each version, an associated source. As those who remember the incredible resource that was will understand, not only will a particular version of a track appear on each format of a release, but it will often also appear on multiple releases. For example, the ‘Drill EP’ version of Prove Yourself appears on the cassette, CD, and vinyl formats of the Drill EP, as well as on an EMI Acetate cassette and the Pablo Honey box set reissue. Linking a particular track version to every release it’s associated with is simply beyond the scope of this site.